Ventway Sparrow EMS Ventilator

Ultra Portable Turbine Ventilator
Weighing only 1 kg, the Ventway Sparrow transport and emergency ventilator delivers high-performance ventilation previously unseen in such a lightweight and compact device.

Ventways’ unique combination between high-perfomance functionality alongside its compact characteristics, positions it in the top row of emergency and transport ventilators. Designed to be impact resistant, ultra handy and user-friendly, Ventway perfects the standard of care in emergency medicine and transport.

The Ventway is suitable for chronic, life support-ventilation in COVID-19 patients.

Ventway Sparrow EMS Highlights:

  • ULTRALIGHT – Easy to carry and handle
  • MULTIFUNCTION – Hospital performance in the field
  • MAINTENANCE FREE – Durable and reliable device that delivers continuous ventilation, and only requires periodic filter replacement

Download the Ventway Sparrow EMS Sell Sheet here…