Flusso By Pass Adapter

Flusso™ is a by pass adapter that can be used with passive or active humidity systems to prevent the disconnection of the patient from the mechanical ventilator during a circuit change, HME change or disconnection of patient for transport.


Clinical Benefits
By minimizing circuit disconnections, reduce lung de-recruitment as repetitive over distension of the alveoli and collapse are the primary causes for alveolar injury during positive pressure.

Staff Safety
With flowrates of ventilators reaching up to 200 L/min, keeping the ventilator circuit closed can minimize staff exposure to organisms within the ventilator circuit (airborne contaminants, circuit condensate) that poses a risk for healthcare provider.

Infection Control
Limit the amount of opening (breaking) of the ventilator circuit. Flusso aligns with Ventilator Associated Pneumonia protocols to keep the ventilator circuit closed, this is also beneficial in patient common areas (ie. MRI, CT) in reducing exposure to various airborne contaminants.