The Rescuer® II Compact CPAP System

Developed by BLS Systems & distributed through MARTAB MEDICAL is a state of the art non-invasive ventilator support system. Controlled airway pressure provides rapid relief for maximum patient benefit with minimal oxygen consumption.

Low cost, completely disposable and simple to use.
Highly efficient for longer cylinder life – runs between 4 to 8Lpm.
Lowest oxygen consumption of any disposable CPAP device.
Maximum protection – provides filtration on inhalation AND exhalation.
Allows medication delivery.
Simple operation.
Medication Port.
Filters (3M HEPA).
High quality CPAP Mask with adjustable forehead pads (8800, 8805).
Integral manometer.
Critical filter placement does not separate patient from CPAP
Deliver CPAP with nebulized medications using a single oxygen source.
Patent Pending.

Download the Rescuer II Compact CPAP System brochure here…