VC Pro Non-Invasive Ventilator with Cough-Assist

The VC Pro Ventilator provides invasive and non-invasive ventilation, integrated high flow therapy, and cough-assist.

Delivers a comprehensive set of modes and settings including pressure and volume control, as well as advanced leak compensation.

Touch Button Cough™ is activated with the touch of a button to make airway clearance easy.

One patient circuit provides both ventilation and cough-assist, supporting patient breathing throughout cough therapy.

VC+Pro Offers 9 Ventilation Modes + Cough-Assist

    • Spontaneous
    • Bi-Level (with functionality similar to S/T, Timed, and BiLevel ventilation)
    • Assist/Control-Pressure
    • Assist/Control-Volume
    • SIMV-Pressure (including CPAP)
    • SIMV-Volume
    • Vol. Targeted-PS (with functionality similar to AVAPS® and iVAPS®)
    • Vol. Targeted-PC (with functionality similar to PRVC)
    • Vol. Targeted-SIMV (with functionality similar to SIMV+PRVC)

Download the VC Pro Ventilator Brochure here…